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Walnut Cottage

We are pleased to announce that we have secured planning permission for a dwelling on a challenging site on Lincolnshire's east coast. Our approach to the proposal’s design was to create a sustainable, contemporary rural residence that responds to the coastal location by mitigating future flood risks and respecting the scale of the existing structures on the site.

The proposal is a single-storey structure elevated on pilotis to raise the ground floor level 1 metre above the site’s existing external floor level. The floodwaters will pass below the dwelling if any flooding occurs on the site.

We will re-wild the area with native plants and trees, transforming the grounds from scrubby, featureless grassland into an environment that will increase biodiversity. The native field maple and multi-stemmed hazel trees will obscure the residence from the adjacent road. A proposed carpet of wildflowers envelops the dwelling’s grounds and, combined with the sedum roof, brings a wide variety of insects, butterflies and bees to this diverse habitat.


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