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...all projects, big, small, expensive, modest, can be extraordinary.

All of our projects are unique, and we believe that all projects, big, small, expensive, and modest, can be extraordinary. As such, we ensure that each building we create with our clients is site-specific and contributes to the community and environment through design excellence.


Our designs are tested through modelling and prototyping. It is essential for us to take our digital designs and bring them into the physical world to review our ideas. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing have become an integral part of the design process at Faber Architecture.


Our research and development-based approach is supported by collaborations with other artists, designers and specialists with whom we partner in international design competitions. We use the competitions to test and develop our ideas, processes and technologies. Combining our knowledge generates and delivers real-world creative, sustainable and diverse design solutions underpinned by specialist technical expertise.

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